What I do:

I create content for blogs and websites. I plan, schedule and manage social media projects that require public engagement and up-take. I build organic growth for projects and organisations, and find creative solutions to maximise out-reach.

As an example, for a Manchester city-wide programme I wrote, scheduled, planned, executed and managed all of the social media content, as well as project managed the public engagement out-reach that built an overall organic growth of over 66k on average during the peak project period.

I love writing non-fiction and life-writing in article and blog format. I am able to translate complex, information rich data into easily understood, lay-speech. I excel in event management and public relations, especially for projects that have the potential for strong social impact. If you need idea generating and big sky thinking or a fire-starter, I’m your person. My value is in taking something from an initial idea and making it happen. My skills are in listening, mentoring, holding space, writing, running workshops and implementation of your project out-reach goals. This allows you to keep doing your core business while allowing me to worry about public engagement, publicity and how to shape socially responsible communication.

If you’d like to read a blog I wrote for an arts project I was involved in, you can go here to Women’s Words Manchester.


I’m hired by:

Academics and their organisations who want to have greater public engagement for their research, take projects live and be seen as having social responsibility so that their creative work has wide circulation, generating massive social media following and visibility.


You might think art is for art’s sake and research is purely for furthering human knowledge. But it is also true that you are selling yourself short if your research is only for other researchers and peers to appreciate. If you have done brilliant work, why not make sure that it is seen, understood and disseminated to a wider audience as possible.

By taking your research public, you can attract greater impact, investment and ensure your passions are given a greater boost.