Do you want to transform your life?

Transformation begins with me

We often give our subconscious mind very conflicted messages. On the one hand we desperately want to increase our earnings, but on the other, we don’t want to give up our free time or our accustomed patterns of behaviour. We blame the lack of opportunity, we say we don’t have the right qualifications, or that the job market is stagnant, but really, the problem is us. We don’t want to change.

It could be the same situation with wanting to lose weight and become healthier, for example. You know you need to get better at nutrition and exercise more. You know your eating is out of control and yet, the thought of starting another diet programme that is bound to fail just seems exhausting. And so the problems are compounded; they are piled one on top of another, and you feel overwhelmed.
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Money manifestation, management and clutter

Women and Money

Its really critical now more than ever before for us women to take control over our money. We need to have a voice, a presence and be seen. Money gives you that power. Be it in small ways within your family circle, be it in a slightly wider way in your community or neighbourhood, if you have money, you can make more of a difference.

So let’s focus on the more energetic aspects of money. Many write and talk about using simple techniques like visualisation and journalling to get you to look at what surrounds you so that you can clearly see through the clutter and begin to find clarity for manifestation.

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