Reach for the stars!

Don’t ever be afraid to ask the universe for what you desire.

WARNING: When you make your desire known, be ready!

I’m not kidding.

When you are in alignment with what you are meant to be doing with your life and you speak your desire to the universe, your opportunities will come thick and fast. So unless it is truly what you want, you will be left dealing with things you aren’t prepared for.

For example, I envisioned taking my speaking engagements to the next level this year. I went as far as finding a picture of a microphone and pasting it in my pinterest board. Wow. That’s truly doing some manifesting. But sarcasm aside, even small gestures are enough, because last night another friend pointed me towards a speaking engagement, and this morning details were confirmed.

I’m really excited to be doing this. It is so in line with my desires and intentions. And my diary is filling up fast. I’m amazed that so many bookings are coming in from so many different sources.

So ask. Our task is to be brave and ask for what we truly want. This can be done verbally, out loud, as you talk to the universe, or it can be done as you journal, with your heart and your emotions firmly stating what you want to bring into your life.

A while ago, I was talking with the husband of a friend, who told me he’d practiced what he’d learned by watching “THE SECRET” diligently. But he admitted that nothing came of it.

I was unable to explain why he didn’t get results then. I tried, but it all felt too formulaic. But now, with greater work done on visualisation and manifestation, I think I’m getting closer to an answer.

It comes down to belief. How deeply do you want something? How deeply, strongly do you accept that it is going to come to you? Are you living as though it is already here?

On the other side of that – think about this, how desperately are you wanting? Is the energy around wanting, or is the energy joyous and even a little laissez faire, because you know it will come, so you don’t need to faff too much about it, but have a deep well of thankfulness that allows you to forget about it a bit and move on to the next thing?

There’s so much to manifestation. Much depends on you and your soul’s intensity as it does the asking.

I am a creator. I manifest things, and the more I do, the easier it seems to be. Sometimes, things come so easily – it is as though it truly is magic, other times, I need to work hard, stay focused and trust that it will come true in the end. I think, ultimately, it is us, our values on how important, or how big something is that makes the difference. It matters not to the universe. But if you think it is a big thing, then you get that too from the universe.

Believe. Trust. Don’t ask how or why. Just ask and be ready for the ride that’s coming.