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Women and Money

Its really critical now more than ever before for us women to take control over our money. We need to have a voice, a presence and be seen. Money gives you that power. Be it in small ways within your family circle, be it in a slightly wider way in your community or neighbourhood, if you have money, you can make more of a difference.

So let’s focus on the more energetic aspects of money. Many write and talk about using simple techniques like visualisation and journalling to get you to look at what surrounds you so that you can clearly see through the clutter and begin to find clarity for manifestation.

Why is this important?

Have your thought about what signals you are sending out into the universe? If you are a working woman, who are you to your peers, colleagues and superiors? If you’re a small entrepreneur and business owner, who are you to your clients? If you are a job-seeker, how are you presenting yourself at interviews? I’m sure you know that most people make their first time judgements about people, their worth and intelligence in a matter of seconds. Energy and the visual picture you present counts for so much in life.

Yes you might dress up nicely for that special interview. But, to get ahead in the world, to bring about that which you desire, you need to do a lot more than that. Are you doing it? Look around and really see what you are surrounding yourself with. Then, look closer at who you’re surrounding yourself with.

And that’s just the tip of the ice-berg. This work is never done, for we are constantly changing, growing, developing beings.

I look at the our energy sources as coming from four distinct directions.

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional and
  4. Spiritual

All of these bring us both positive and negative vibrations. If you’ve got clutter on even one of these aspects, then the energy you have to put out is compromised. And from personal experience, I can tell you that if you’ve got one form of clutter, you’ve probably got them all.

Piles of junk on the floor by your bed? Laundry in piles needing to be attended to? That’s physical clutter.

Negative beliefs about self-worth and body image? That’s mental clutter.

Whisperings that stop you from going for that promotion? Feeling like you are incapable of maintaining a long-term relationship? That’s emotional clutter.

Believing that you’ll turn into a nasty person if you have abundance because money is the root of all evil? That’s spiritual clutter.

And if you’ve got any  of the above going on, you’ve got some form of clutter around money.

What can you do?

It’s simple to say, clear the clutter. But often, that isn’t easy to do.

But here are some first steps to get you on the road to shifting some of that stuck, negative energy and bring abundance and money into your life.

  1. Look at what surrounds you. If something is broken, damaged or in need of repair, fix it or remove it from your presence. If you can’t, then at least clean it as thoroughly as you can and make a clear action plan to sort it out.
  2. Its better to have a few things that truly spark joy and make you happy than have many unwanted things that remind you of bad times. Remove, discard, recycle and donate.
  3. Dress for the body shape you are now, and style yourself up to wear you want to be. If you’ve got thin clothes you hope to wear someday, really look at them. If they aren’t of the best quality, do you really think you’ll wear it again when you lose the weight? If not, get rid of it and be confident in the body you have now. And if you are planning on losing weight, start now. There are amazing resources out there to help you. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and I feel so much better already.
  4. Think positive even when the situation is difficult. Love yourself and believe that you are enough. Tell yourself that all the time and know that not only are you enough, but that you are loved and lovable too. This self-knowledge will help you clear emotional and spiritual clutter more successfully.
  5. Look at the people you spend time with. If you’ve got people who constantly moan and complain but don’t do anything about their problems, perhaps it’s time to not participate in their moan-feast. If you can, spend time with positive people who are doing things you want to be doing. Focus on the things you want for yourself emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

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