Do you want to transform your life?

Transformation begins with me

We often give our subconscious mind very conflicted messages. On the one hand we desperately want to increase our earnings, but on the other, we don’t want to give up our free time or our accustomed patterns of behaviour. We blame the lack of opportunity, we say we don’t have the right qualifications, or that the job market is stagnant, but really, the problem is us. We don’t want to change.

It could be the same situation with wanting to lose weight and become healthier, for example. You know you need to get better at nutrition and exercise more. You know your eating is out of control and yet, the thought of starting another diet programme that is bound to fail just seems exhausting. And so the problems are compounded; they are piled one on top of another, and you feel overwhelmed.

Transformation is multi-layered.

This is the tragic truth. If there’s a problem in one area of your life, it generally manifests itself in another as well. Often, weight and stress are tied together for the obvious reason that food acts as a trigger for stress, and stress acts as a trigger for more food. For someone who considers herself a transformation consultant, this is something I had to learn the hard way. But I’ve learned to examine all of my emotions objectively, even as I allow myself to feel them and work through them.

I don’t get the luxury of hiding under the duvet and hibernating, however much I want to. This is what it means to walk the talk.

One of my coping strageties is that I am journalling my way through my overwhelm. Why? Because I know that this is just a temporary blip on the road. We all have blips, on all of our journeys, be it to lose weight, change careers or jobs, improve relationships, pay off debt and manage our money better. For transformation we need to change the patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us.

The important thing is to not let the blip become your reality.

The focus must be on pushing through, knowing that you can beat this demon that has suddenly come up because of things lying hidden in your internal monologue.

Here are just a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

  • Start by making a transformation, however small, in one area.
  • Know and trust that it will naturally affect and help you deal with another.
  • If you clean and declutter your space, you’ll find clarity in other areas too.
  • If you take control of your eating, like I have with intermittent fasting, you’ll find clarity in the way you approach other important issues as well.

Know that you can!

Know that you are worth it!

Follow your bliss and keep your end goal in sight. And once you get there, savour the accomplishment and look to the horizon for your next attainment. For we stop living when we stop learning.

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