Why I became a life coach

Why I do what I do

I finished my PhD in 2012. This had been a dream goal since I was sixteen and had little understanding of what it meant to have a PhD. But I worked hard and I did really well at university, I enjoyed the teaching and the research and finally got what I had set out to get. But, by the end of my third year, I was very conscious that I didn’t want to lecture in England. My passion has always been to do much more hands-on work, I love making a difference in people’s lives. If I’d gone into lecturing in Sri Lanka, the land of my birth, that would have been a very different kettle of fish. But I was here, and I didn’t want to lecture in the UK. So, I was left with a bit of a problem.

I only wish I had had a life coach myself when I was in the fix I was in. Instead, it took me ages to muddle through and work out what I wanted. And it was only, at the tail end of my confusion that I stumbled on to a business coach of my own who nudged and helped me figure out where I was heading.

So, I’m a life coach because I love helping people transform their lives. I’m a life coach because I believe passionately in the power of change, in the power of visualisation and in the awesome potential that lies within us that can be tapped into when we allow ourselves to become all that we are meant to be.

Life coaching for me is working one-on-one for the most part with people who are on a journey of reinvention and rebranding. It is working with people to manage change, grief and over-whelm. It is supporting and holding the space so that my clients can rise to their own internal challenges. If you are truly ready to change and need to figure out what it true to your authentic soul, get a coach. Getting a coach helped me so much. I only wish I’d found the perfect coach for me years ago.

Once you’ve got the accountability, you will thrive and fly. It is inevitable. By signing up to my coach, and I started by dipping a toe in for six sessions and then, diving right in for a year’s container, I forced myself to commit to the change I wanted to see in myself. I admit I was terrified. It was a big investment for me at that point, and I wasn’t sure I really knew what I was doing.

But, the important thing is to trust your inner vision. I trusted that I would step up to the plate and do what was needed. And because I had a whole year in which to get to the point I wanted to be in, I felt I had time to take it slow and not push so much. Sometimes, the more you push, the more if feels as if things are being delayed. Don’t need, don’t want, instead, intend, plan, know deep down that it is coming and that all you need to do is to be ready to receive.

If you want to transform your life, do get in touch. You can reach me at grow@tasneemperry.com or find me on Facebook at Authentic You. Allow 2018 to be the year in which you shine.

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