Weight and clutter

Could your stuff be keeping you overweight?

Are you drowning under the weight of all the stuff you don’t use, don’t need and don’t know what to do with?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why your body is also hanging on to unwanted, unneeded weight.

You see, our body and our possessions have a co-relation. And the more you curate your stuff, the more likely you are to curate what goes into your body. The healthier your home, the healthier your kitchen, your cupboards and your food.

I am overweight. No, let me be clear, given my lack of height, I am obese in medical terms.. Last year I began a regime of healthy eating, upping my fruits and vegetables, cutting out the sugar and the processed carbohydrates. I did lose weight, but like all dietary plans, I hit a plateau and stalled. And though I was super careful with what I ate, the weight started to creep back up again. I was so disheartened.

Then, a good friend introduced me to the concept of intermittent fasting.

I had my festival of decluttering according to the KonMarie method in 2017. This year, I hadn’t as much to declutter, but a year felt like a good time to reexamine what my vision for our space was and what needed to go and what needed to be brought in to the home to perfect it. Handily it coincided perfectly with curating what I wanted to do in terms of my body and my health.

The art of tidying your physical space resets, I truly feel, the cleaning of your body and your relationship to food, which goes hand in hand with shedding spiritual and emotional clutter, too.

Let me tell that story. When I was twenty-seven, after a year and a half of teaching English in Poland and having spent the summer in England I returned to Sri Lanka. Some members of my family sat me down, and with the best possible intentions, told me that I was short, fat and ugly, and that no man in Sri Lanka would want to marry me. But, they went on, if I really wanted to marry, they would look for a divorcee or a widower with children from India or Pakistan for me. Many years later, those words are still with me. They wounded me so deeply, especially because they weren’t true. I’d already met the person I wanted to spend my life with, and he didn’t see me as short, fat or ugly. Instead, he loved me, continues to love me unconditionally for the person I was, am and continue to become.

But, with the journey I’ve been on to rid myself of physical clutter, and then, the emotional, spiritual and mental, I’m shedding all of the toxic hurts that have come to me from other people and their words.

And so, let’s get back to food. I used food for years and years as a comfort mechanism. When my mother died three years ago, I turned to food. It numbed the pain, the confusion, the grief. It numbed the numbness. But the clearing of emotional and metal baggage through a year of grief counselling has allowed me to move on, and now tackle the other bit of baggage I’m carrying around with me, that of being over-weight.

I am curating my life with knowledge, understanding and precision.

Curating food and my relationship with food

Is this even a thing you may wonder, but, if you’ve ever struggled with food, you’ll understand that we use food as a coping mechanism, either by over-eating, or restricting food in an attempt to control at least one aspect of an uncontrollable world.

I’m not depriving myself. Anyone seeing me will know that. But, I am being sensible. I eat during my eating window. I still go out dancing with friends, I enjoy the cocktails, but then, when I come to the end of the window, I stop and go back to fasting mode. I feel fully in control of my food and my eating, and I know that I can tailor it to suit my needs, my life-style, my activities. And the better the results get, the more determined I am to up the duration of my fasts and clean up the process.

And because these are life-style changes and not a diet in the strictest sense, it is utterly easy to incorporate into my life. More, because the weight loss is sensible, and thus maintainable, I’m truly feel like I’ve not had to miss out on parties, holidays, nights out and nights in. Ultimately, it is important to me as transformation speaker and coach to walk the talk as it were. It was time for me to transform my body and my relationship to food. Last year I followed conventional wisdom, which turned out to not work. Well, now, I’m following Dr. Jason Fung and others of his ilk, and doing something much more fundamental.

If you’d like your hand to be held while you take on the demons that keep you hanging on to unwanted weight in any shape, place or form, do get in touch. Let’s clear and release what no longer serves us be it on our bodies, in our homes, hearts, minds and souls. We are magnificent and we deserve to be the best we can be!

Weight is an issue for the simple reason that it stops us living at our best.

We deserve to be the best we can be. Clearing the physical clutter might seem unrelated, but it might be the first step in a process that sees you reclaim yourself and your life.

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