Beef and butter fat fast – day two

Good morning. Today is my second day on the beef and butter fat fast.

Before I start with how today has been, let me continue with how last night was in terms of mood and physicality. If you’ve not read how yesterday (day one) was, you can read about it here.

Day one – evening/night

18.30: I started feeling dizzy and woozy, classic symptoms of keto flu, which was surprising since I’ve been mostly keto since the end of June. That made me think that perhaps I’d not been doing keto as well as I should have been, over-eating on the protein and under-eating on the fats. This is an important key learning going forward for me.

19.25: The dizziness continues and there’s a headache to keep it company. I can also still feel the food sitting heavily within me. Drinking plenty of water.

21.54: The dizziness and pain aren’t debilitating. I still feel funny, but I also feel energized and haven’t had any low-level cravings despite the paucity of my diet today.

23.00: Feel fine. About to go to bed. Seem to be over the keto flu-like symptoms.

Day two

8.00: Woke up feeling energized, refreshed and well after a really good night’s sleep. Rushed downstairs after a stop at the loo to weight myself before drinking my usual pint of water.

Weight after day one – 174 7/8th lbs. Really pleased because I’m already half pound down in weight and I’ve broken my plateau. The lowest I’ve been on this particular weight loss journey (begun on 31st October 2017) has been 175 lbs.

09.27: No hunger whatsoever. Feeling really good. I think I’m going to delay having my keto/fat coffee and see how long I can keep going on the clean fast this morning.

10.33: I’ve been calculating my macro-nutrients. If you would like to calculate your own, please go here. This is the resource I used.

Moderate calorie deficit (20%)

Calories to consume:1338kcal
Your fat intake should be:117grams
Net CarbsProteinFat
5 g67 g117 g
20 kcal268 kcal1050 kcal

I’m not really into weighting my macros, but, I think it is important to have a rough idea of what I need so that if I want to go ahead and make any substitutions in this diet then I have the tools at hand. At the moment though, I’ve done plenty of meal prep and don’t feel the need to make any significant substitutions.

I’m still to eat, and don’t really feel like having my butter coffee. I am however, seriously considering breaking my fast with half an avocado and slathering it in both butter and coconut oil – 1 tbsp of each so that I get my fats in first thing as I break the fast. 

11.19: I broke my clean, water only fast after 18.30 hours. I broke my fast because it was time, not because I was hungry. The hunger has been non-existent so far on this plan. 

1/2 an avocado
1/2 an avocado

Breakfast: I had 1/2 an avocado with 1 tbsp coconut oil (it’s cold today so it is in solid form) and 1 tbsp grass-fed butter. I added 1 tsp of Stevia powder and a 2 shakes of allspice on it. It was delicious.

1/2 an avocado, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp butter, 1 tsp Stevia, 1/8 tsp allspice seasoning
1/2 an avocado, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp butter, 1 tsp Stevia, 1/8 tsp allspice seasoning

I smooshed it all together and I had this instead of the keto coffee/tea that I am meant to have for breakfast on this fast.

Now, for lunch, I just need to have 1 cup of beef with 2 tbsp of butter which I’m looking forward to now that I’ve had this sweetness. It does feel heavy and greasy in my stomach. I can feel the butter really filling me and the thought of more food, although I’m a bit peckish is not because of hunger, but more because I think I need something savoury. I’m also starting to have a mild craving for carbs to soak in this fat.  

I cup minced beef before warming it up in the microwave with 2 tbsp butter
I cup minced beef before warming it up in the microwave with 2 tbsp butter

Lunch: I had 1 cup of minced beef from yesterday with 2 tbsp of butter. I added some more cayenne pepper and a tiny splash of light soya sauce to make it more palatable. I found the last bit of the mince tough going, and the spicy butter really burned my throat. I ate it all though there was some melted butter left at the bottom of the bowl.

After I finished, I could feel my throat feeling rather raw. I drank water, but it didn’t ease, so I had 6 whole almonds as a throat-ease. That has helped somewhat, as has drinking more water. 

All in all, today has so far been a lot easier than yesterday. Feeling positive, especially as I began this morning with a minuscule weight loss. 

Dinner: I stopped eating at 16.56. It was actually a lot easier today to eat the full cup of beef and 3 tbsp butter. I feel really full and am really hopeful I’ll be able to keep going for the rest of the fat fast. 

21.15: The evening has gone by really easily with no cravings or keto flu symptoms. I’ll post again tomorrow on my day three progress.

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