Egg keto fast – results after day one

Yesterday when I stood on the scales I was horrified to see I’d gone up in weight to 174 7/8 lbs. So I began the egg keto fast

Well the video opens with, you’re definitely going to loose weight. Ha! I stuck to it as close as possible. I didn’t even eat everything – I couldn’t finish my 4 tbsp of peanut butter with the 2 tbsp of butter I added instead of adding it to my coffee or having 2 tbsp of guacamole.

Weight this morning: 175 1/2 lbs. So I’ve gone up to exactly where I was last Monday when I began the beef and butter fat fast.

You can imagine how upset and frustrated I’m feeling right now. I worked so hard all week, I’ve been strictly keto and IF and all I’ve done is gain the 2 lbs I lost with so much difficulty. This is my journey. This is how it is for me.

I shared this plan and my results with a Facebook group I’m on and basically I got laughed at and told I didn’t know the first thing about keto. I was told I should go back to a keto for beginners group if I thought this would work. Someone said that this plan was only for body builders and if the plan didn’t specify this that it was rubbish. So I thought I should share those thoughts as well.

I’m giving up. I’m not going to try any more fat fasts. Instead, to break out of my plateau I’m going to do EF (extended fasting) for 120 hours or 5 days. I restarted my fasting last night (Sunday) at 21.11, so I shall have a nice late night dinner again on Friday at 21.11. I will clean water fast for much of the time, but add green tea and black coffee to it sometimes to break it up and make it interesting.

I’m so tired of yo-yoing and loosing and gaining the same couple of pounds. After a week on fat fasts I’ve not lost anything. This is not normal, it is not possible, but it is, for me. So there you have it. My experimentation with fat fasts. It didn’t work for me.

I think the only thing that works for me, at least partially, is not eating. And even that doesn’t really help me loose a lot of weight. I’m just a bit afraid of going on a long EF like a 10 day clean water fast, especially because the NHS doesn’t really help with giving you medical supervision. When I went to my GP and said I wanted to do EFs, he was like why are you coming to me. And he doesn’t want to see me again until November when he reviews all the medication I’m on. I’ve basically been given the go-ahead to do what I want. The NHS is so over-worked and under-staffed that they don’t have the time to care, even though my GP is a wonderful GP.

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