Beef and butter fat fast – day three

I’m starting my third day of attempting the beef and butter fat fast today.

I went to bed at 23.00 last night and woke up nicely rested this morning at 8.15. I slept straight through the night and feel energized this morning. If you want to see how yesterday was, please go here.

Weight after day two : 174 1/4 lbs so another half a pound off. I know through research that other people do seem to loose a lot more, but I do tend to loose really slowly, much slower than most, and I’m not exercising because although I feel energized, I’m also feeling fatigued easily throughout the day. Not quite sure what’s going on with me. Last week when we were away on holiday we were doing so much walking, but this week, I’m just being very sedentary. 

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Beef and butter fat fast – day two

Good morning. Today is my second day on the beef and butter fat fast.

Before I start with how today has been, let me continue with how last night was in terms of mood and physicality. If you’ve not read how yesterday (day one) was, you can read about it here.

Day one – evening/night

18.30: I started feeling dizzy and woozy, classic symptoms of keto flu, which was surprising since I’ve been mostly keto since the end of June. That made me think that perhaps I’d not been doing keto as well as I should have been, over-eating on the protein and under-eating on the fats. This is an important key learning going forward for me.

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Beef and butter fat fast – day one

Introduction to fat fasting

The beef and butter fat fast like other fat fasts is only recommended if you want to get out of a plateau, begin a ketogenic eating plan or recover after a carb-overload. I plan on doing this fat fast for five days. I’m including the link so that you can begin your own reading into this protocol.

Important: Do not do this without doing your own personal research. I am not a medical doctor or dietitian. 

Advice before starting: Plan. Research. Prepare mentally because it is not going to be easy.

I’m embarking on the beef and butter fat fast because I have been on a weight loss plateau since the 30th of June. Research and planning done, yesterday I went shopping and stocked up.

I’ll post photos of everything I’m using in terms of ingredients and tell you all that I’ve done.

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Beef and butter fat fast

Introduction to the beef and butter fat fast

I follow, for the most part, an intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet protocol. But my weight loss journey has plateaued even though I know I’m gaining amazing healing and health benefits. 

The plateau has been hovering around a 3lb +/- range since the 30th of June, so I thought I would do something to get me moving in the right direction again. 

20% fat beef
20% fat beef

Fast-forward lots of research and I am set to begin the beef and butter fat fast tomorrow for 5 days. To that end, I’ve been to the shops, and have stocked up on, you guessed it, minced beef and butter.

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Do you want to transform your life?

Transformation begins with me

We often give our subconscious mind very conflicted messages. On the one hand we desperately want to increase our earnings, but on the other, we don’t want to give up our free time or our accustomed patterns of behaviour. We blame the lack of opportunity, we say we don’t have the right qualifications, or that the job market is stagnant, but really, the problem is us. We don’t want to change.

It could be the same situation with wanting to lose weight and become healthier, for example. You know you need to get better at nutrition and exercise more. You know your eating is out of control and yet, the thought of starting another diet programme that is bound to fail just seems exhausting. And so the problems are compounded; they are piled one on top of another, and you feel overwhelmed.
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Weight and clutter

Could your stuff be keeping you overweight?

Are you drowning under the weight of all the stuff you don’t use, don’t need and don’t know what to do with?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why your body is also hanging on to unwanted, unneeded weight.

You see, our body and our possessions have a co-relation. And the more you curate your stuff, the more likely you are to curate what goes into your body. The healthier your home, the healthier your kitchen, your cupboards and your food.
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Offended, offensive.

Being offended or giving offense is not just about words and racist slurs. It is about much more than that and it is often non-verbal, implied and impossible to describe. It is the sly glance, the wink to a friend, the smile or grimace as a conversation or situation unfolds. It is the moving away, the not paying attention, and just waiting for you to stop speaking, so that they can say what they want to. Offense is the stoppering of ears, the refusal to listen as you try to say, “this is real, this is going on, this is what the situation is.” Often, that hurts more than the casually flung “cunt” or “Paki” comment, because those are from people who you can try and push away and ignore as ignorant and nasty.

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Reach for the stars!

Don’t ever be afraid to ask the universe for what you desire.

WARNING: When you make your desire known, be ready!

I’m not kidding.

When you are in alignment with what you are meant to be doing with your life and you speak your desire to the universe, your opportunities will come thick and fast. So unless it is truly what you want, you will be left dealing with things you aren’t prepared for.

For example, I envisioned taking my speaking engagements to the next level this year. I went as far as finding a picture of a microphone and pasting it in my pinterest board. Wow. That’s truly doing some manifesting. But sarcasm aside, even small gestures are enough, because last night another friend pointed me towards a speaking engagement, and this morning details were confirmed.

I’m really excited to be doing this. It is so in line with my desires and intentions. And my diary is filling up fast. I’m amazed that so many bookings are coming in from so many different sources.

So ask. Our task is to be brave and ask for what we truly want. This can be done verbally, out loud, as you talk to the universe, or it can be done as you journal, with your heart and your emotions firmly stating what you want to bring into your life.

A while ago, I was talking with the husband of a friend, who told me he’d practiced what he’d learned by watching “THE SECRET” diligently. But he admitted that nothing came of it.

I was unable to explain why he didn’t get results then. I tried, but it all felt too formulaic. But now, with greater work done on visualisation and manifestation, I think I’m getting closer to an answer.

It comes down to belief. How deeply do you want something? How deeply, strongly do you accept that it is going to come to you? Are you living as though it is already here?

On the other side of that – think about this, how desperately are you wanting? Is the energy around wanting, or is the energy joyous and even a little laissez faire, because you know it will come, so you don’t need to faff too much about it, but have a deep well of thankfulness that allows you to forget about it a bit and move on to the next thing?

There’s so much to manifestation. Much depends on you and your soul’s intensity as it does the asking.

I am a creator. I manifest things, and the more I do, the easier it seems to be. Sometimes, things come so easily – it is as though it truly is magic, other times, I need to work hard, stay focused and trust that it will come true in the end. I think, ultimately, it is us, our values on how important, or how big something is that makes the difference. It matters not to the universe. But if you think it is a big thing, then you get that too from the universe.

Believe. Trust. Don’t ask how or why. Just ask and be ready for the ride that’s coming.

Trauma: How do you cope?

Don’t let tragedy keep you small.

If you’ve been through a traumatic situation, sometimes it becomes the defining story of your life. You might live with the narrative that you were abused as a child. Or you might not be able to let go of how you were bullied, or poor, or from a disenfranchised background. These are indeed terrible, difficult things to live through, but it is important that what happened to you in the past does not become the entirety of your story. You are an amazing, powerful, transformative being. You hold the power to change your story, your ending and your narrative. If you don’t like the way this life is progressing, change it. You can. I know you can.

I was seven when my genitals were mutilated by my well-meaning GP under the approval of my parents. This was seen as a requirement. 

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Coping with the sense of loss

I’m forty years old. In my late twenties and early thirties, not having a child wasn’t a big deal. I was intent on completing my PhD and discovering who I was. For four and a half years, I could bluntly say that my thesis was my child. And it was.

Having an offspring while in education didn’t seem important. And even today, a part of me doesn’t feel that my genes are that special that they must be passed on. And yet, nearly four years since the death of my mother, I feel acutely that I am an orphan and have no siblings. Christmas and holidays are especially hard. I want a large family, one that’s noisy and bustling and chaotic. I yearn for flesh of my own. It is a strange thing. I’d love to have someone be a reflection of me and my husband, a living continuum of our love, our choices and ourselves.
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